Test Suite
V2.5.0 - Automation Suite 2023.4
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Test Suite
Last updated Dec 19, 2023


Release date: 1 September 2021

What’s New

This update brings changes to the Orchestrator authentication, new test set configurations, and bugfixes.


  • Authentication with Orchestrator is now possible through external apps. You can configure Orchestrator as a new service connection.
  • You can configure the UiPath Pack task used for publishing packages in Orchestrator, to report workflow validation errors. This additional configuration allows you to check your project for Workflow Analyzer violations.
  • Now you can parameterize your test cases at runtime by defining arguments at the test set level. You can use this feature to reconfigure existing test cases by overriding the default argument value, instead of creating new ones.
  • Test results now show assertion details.

Bug Fixes

  • Libraries within Object Repository that were published through the plugin did not show Object Repository details in Studio.
  • Using the UiPath Deploy task to create a process that was already existent in Orchestrator resulted in error.
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  • Bug Fixes
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