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Test Suite
Last updated Dec 19, 2023


The act of testing covers an extensive set of activities, including test case execution, reporting, requirements management, defect management, CI/CD integration, or exploratory testing, just to name a few.

Having only a tool for test automation will let you create automation but when it comes to executing in a build-driven or scheduled manner, it will not be the right solution. Testing involves a comprehensive set of tools that need to be integrated tightly with each other.

One of the challenges is to make testing an integral part of the development process. This requires linking software development assets (e.g. user stories, epics) to software testing assets (e.g. test cases, test results). When analyzing test results it is important to understand how defects impact your requirements.

The UiPath Test Suite is a tightly integrated bundle of tools that consolidates the testing process through integrations with your test management and ALM tools.

The following diagram visualizes all tools that come with the UiPath Test Suite and how they integrate with each other.

The UiPath Test Suite contains the following product component:


It enables you to create automated tests just like you would create RPA workflows. For more information, see Application Testing.


Besides the ability to run RPA workflows, Orchestrator is capable of executing test cases from Studio on testing-robots. This can be done in a scheduled manner or build-driven through a CI/CD pipeline. For more information, see Managing Test Cases.

Test Manager Hub

The main purpose of Test Management Hub is to integrate the UiPath Test Suite with third-party ALM tools. Through its flexible connector architecture, it can be used to integrate any ALM tool that provides a compatible API in order to:

  • Assign test cases to requirements, user stories, or any other artefact.
  • Create bug reports in an external bug tracking systems supplemented with log information and screenshots from test executions.

Test Manager

A web application hosted by Test Management Hub that allows you to manage your testing process. In particular, it covers the following functional areas:

  • Linking automated test cases in Studio to manual test cases in Test Manager;
  • Assigning test cases to requirements;
  • Reporting and dashboards to get a quick overview of your test results;
  • Manual testing;
  • Creating defects directly from test results;
  • Add documentation to manual test cases with Task Capture.
  • Studio
  • Orchestrator
  • Test Manager Hub
  • Test Manager
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