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Test Suite
Last updated Dec 19, 2023

Application Settings


Configure settings specific to Test Manager, across all of your projects.

Email Notifications

You can configure an email server to receive notifications about user access authorizations. For example, you can see user access requests and grants to Test Manager.

  1. Log in to Test Manager.
  2. Click the sidebar button in the upper-left corner of the window to open the Applications Menu.
  3. Go to Application Settings.
  4. In the Email tab select Enable email notifications
  5. Configure the following settings:

    • Host: Add your SMTP server host (e.g. smtp.organization.com).
    • Port: Add a port number (e.g. 587).
    • Username: Add the username used for SMTP email server authentication.
    • Password: Enter your username password.
    • Domain: Add the domain where your user is in (e.g. organization\administrator).
    • From Address: Enter an email address as the sender.
    • From Display Name: Choose a name for the sender.
  6. Click Save to confirm.

    Tip: Manage User Access
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