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Last updated Feb 28, 2024



Test Suite, as a solution, comprises four of UiPath's tools: Studio, Orchestrator, Robot, and, finally, Test Manager. Check out the diagram and information below to learn about every component, and how it works.

StudioThe IDE for test automation development, enabling you to create test cases.
OrchestratorThe platform that allows you to publish, centralize, and execute your tests, from Orchestrator, or using a CI/CD pipeline.
Testing RobotsThe agent connected to Orchestrator, that executes processes, including tests.
Test ManagerThe test management tool.
CI/CD IntegrationsNative integrations with ALM tools that Test Manager offers, and CI/CD pipelines that allow you to deploy testing projects and manage them.

UiPath Test Suite is the testing solution powered by the UiPath Platform. As the visual below depicts, the UiPath Platform does more than just empowering you to discover automation opportunities; it also provides the means to automate them. Beyond this, it offers tools for the operational context to enable you to deploy, govern, and measure the real-world impact of your robotic process automations.

Now, think of UiPath Test Suite as a vertical slice straight through our platform:

This slice is packed with capabilities for everything from discovering tests, automating tests, running tests, to analyzing test results, and managing your testing efforts. Essentially, UiPath Test Suite is the quality hub of our platform, acting as the backbone of both your top-notch robotic process automations and high-quality software applications. So, UiPath Test Suite has a dual purpose:

First, UiPath Test Suite is used by testing teams in software development to test a wide range of software applications, including web apps, mobile apps, and CRM/ERP systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SAP. This is what we call application testing. Secondly, Test Suite is used by RPA teams, who are typically found in business departments such as marketing, finance, and sales, to test their robotic process automations. This is what we call RPA testing. The beauty of UiPath Test Suite is that it's a single solution that can be leveraged for testing both software applications and robotic process automations.

In addition, think of UiPath Test Suite as a solution, a suite of 4 tools:

First, we have UiPath Test Manager, our test management tool. Then we have UiPath Studio, our IDE for developing test automation. Next, we have UiPath Orchestrator, our tool for orchestrating (cloud-based distributed) test execution. And lastly, our UiPath Robots for performing the test execution. These 4 components come with a variety of testing capabilities for automating tests in virtually any technology, including web, desktop, API, and mobile test automation. UiPath Test Suite also enables you to fully integrate your testing efforts into your version control tools and CI/CD pipeline(s).

It doesn't stop there. UiPath Test Suite comes with comprehensive test data management capabilities for data-driven testing. It provides a rich set of test management capabilities, including requirements management, analytics and reporting, manual testing, and test mining capabilities – all powered by AI and tightly integrated into your ALM tools. And if you're looking to transition from legacy testing tools to UiPath Test Suite, we offer migration assistants to ease that shift.

Best of all? All that's available both on cloud and on prem. And there you have it, in a nutshell – the range and richness of UiPath Test Suite, designed to accelerate and streamline your testing.

Now, let's zoom out even more for a moment to see UiPath Test Suite from a bird's-eye view. UiPath Test Suite is versatile. It allows both tech-savvy testers and everyday business users to document test cases with UiPath Task Capture and to create tests for virtually any technology, thanks to its low-code and coded test automation capabilities. But what about other tools you are using? UiPath Test Suite has got that covered too. It can work smoothly with version control tools like Git, SVN, and TFS. It also teams up with build tools, for example, Jenkins. On top of that, UiPath Test Manager, the test management tool of UiPath Test Suite, provides native integrations to widely used ALM tools: think ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager, Azure DevOps, Jira, and even Jira plugins like Xray.

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