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Last updated May 13, 2024


Release date: 26 October 2020


To improve the process document readability as well as the overall application performance which includes working with the Diagram and Image Editors and the exporting options a limitation of the captured actions is now in place. The number of actions that can be captured is set up to 500. Please note that this limitation does not prevent you from creating processes with more than 500 actions, it's purpose is to provide best practices guidance in order to have the best experience while using Task Capture.


  • We are continuing the enhancement of the PDD generated when Task Capture is used to document an idea submitted in Automation Hub. Besides the Process Area, Department, and Short Description, the below data corresponding to the idea's Detailed Assessment is automatically included in the PDD:

    • Process schedule and frequency > automatically filled in with the information from the Task/Process Frequency field.
    • Number of times the process is run by selected frequency > automatically filled in with the information from the Activity Volume Average (per Selected Frequency) field.
    • Peak Period (s) > automatically filled in with the information from the Process Peaks field.
    • Number of persons performing the process > automatically filled in with the information from the Number of Employees Performing the Task field.
    • Applications Used > automatically filled in with the information from the Applications Used table and includes the app name, version, language, and client.
  • If you try to upload a broken or invalid template into Task Capture a detailed notification is displayed. This contains information about the issue and provides links to resources that help you address the issue.
  • The tool's logo design is changed.
  • Some of the tool's options and functionalities design is enhanced in order to make it more intuitive and easy to use. These enhancements include:

    • the hotkey used for dragging the Diagram and Image Viewport is updated to the Space key, similar to other products. The tooltip displayed at the bottom bar is also updated.
    • increase the visibility of Diagram elements by automatically selecting the last captured Sequence of the diagram and displaying the actions list.
    • Diagram elements that have been copied/pasted are now easier to spot as their display is shifted bottom-right from the original element.
  • The msi installer & updated license agreement terms are now localized and available in all the languages supported by the tool.

Fixed Bugs

  • In the Task Capture process editor when using the ‘Alt + tab’ hotkey, the mouse cursor icon is changed preventing users from manipulating anything on the Diagram Editor page.
  • If a user tried to capture additional steps for a Sequence where actions from Task Capture were recorded, no new sequences were added and no screenshots generated.
  • When trying to edit a Sequence Title the user was not allowed to select the specific place for adding the update.
  • If a screenshot of an action where the Alt+Tab hotkey was created, its description only included the Tab key.
  • Task Capture crashed if the user tried to capture a screenshot by using ‘SHIFT+WIN+S ‘ and the app was in 'Singe screenshot' mode.
  • The Word customized templates were broken after renaming them if the Template files were not located under the 'Template' folder.

Known Issues

  • After the installation of the Task Capture 20.10 version, the application logo might not be updated when you access the tool from the Windows Start panel. In this case please find the cached logo file by accessing the following location: %localappdata%/Packages/Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy/LocalState/AppIconCache/{number}/com_squirrel_Task Capture_Task Capture and delete it.
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