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Last updated Apr 3, 2024

Supported SAP WebGUI Elements

The SAP interfaces contain a variety of specific controls with which you can interact, as exemplified in this page.
Note: You can use the entire range of activities from the UiPath.UiAutoamtion.Activities package to create your automation projects.

SAP Buttons

Represents any button found in the SAP WebGUI windows. There are several types, each defined by a particular element:


Icons are interactive buttons which do not display text labels.
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Push Buttons

A push button is a simple UI element which gives you direct access to a command in the application.
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Radio Buttons

Radio buttons present a set of options. There are at least two radio buttons in a list, and you can only select one.
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You can use the Click (both Hardware Events and Simulate), Get Text or Get Attribute (modern and classic) activities to interact with buttons.

SAP Input Field

Represents a specialized field which accepts user input.
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You can use the Type Into activity to interact with input fields.

SAP Dropdown Lists

Dropdown lists allow you to select items from predefined lists.
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You can use the Select Item activity to interact with list items.

SAP Checkbox

Checkbox elements represent a list of multiple choices. One, more, or no options can be selected.
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You can use the Click activity to interact with checkboxes.

  • SAP Buttons
  • SAP Input Field
  • SAP Dropdown Lists
  • SAP Checkbox

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