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Studio Web User Guide
Last updated May 16, 2024

The Studio family

The Studio family of products covers all areas of automation with tools that are tailored to different types of users and automation needs. Studio Web, StudioX, and Studio are fully compatible, enabling collaboration between citizen developers and RPA developers, regardless of which Studio they are using.

Studio Web can be just the start of your journey. When you're ready, advance to desktop automation using StudioX:

  • Design automations for desktop office applications and benefit from advanced integration with Excel and other office apps.
  • Use UI automation for native desktop apps.
  • Create personal desktop automations.

Advanced users can unleash the full potential of automation with Studio, which brings:

  • Test automation features.
  • Advanced debugging tools and remote debugging capabilities.
  • Advanced UI automation.
  • Desktop triggers.
  • Business process automation.
  • Reusable libraries.

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