UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes



Release date: 2 June 2021

This release brings several minor bug fixes.


Release date: 26 April 2021

New Features and Improvements

New Activities


  • SharePoint support has been added to the Use PowerPoint Presentation activity. You can open presentations stored on SharePoint by placing the SharePoint URL in the PowerPoint File field.
  • A new property called Replace all has been added to the Replace Text in Presentation activity.
  • The Add Data Table to Slide activity has been updated with the following new properties:
    • Exclude source headers - If selected, the first line of the source table is not copied.
    • Behavior - Determines how the table data is added to the slide.
  • The Presentation category in the Activities panel has been renamed to PowerPoint.


Release Date: 27 January 2021

This release brings several bug fixes.


Release Date: 12 October 2020

New Features and Improvements

The UiPath.Presentations.Activities pack is ready to see daylight. With the official release of this pack, we extend your automation capabilities to presentation activities (such as PowerPoint). The pack contains activities specialized to manipulate presentations in the way you see fit, with the possibility to insert and add slides, include data tables, add image or video files, run macro commands with arguments, and a lot more. Find more about the activity pack by accessing the link at the top of the page. Below are the activities contained in this pack:

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