UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release date: November 19th 2020


When making a selection on the Events line chart of the Overview - Dashboard in AppOne the number of events displayed in the Events KPI was not stable. This has been improved. A separate period filter on Evend end now appears to make the KPIs more stable during and after selection. See illustration below for an example.

Bug Fixes

  • After updating from UiPath Process Mining 2020.6. to 2020.10.1 all dashboards were duplicated in AppOne. Each menu contained the original Legacy chart and the New chart where it was expected that the Legacy chart was replaced by a New chart. This is now solved for charts which were not changed by you.
    If you have made changes to a chart you will get a delete/modify Workspace conflict when updating you Workspace. This can be resolved using the Resolve as theirs option which will remove the 2020.6 chart. See also Workspace Conflicts.



When using the Resolve as theirs option to resolve a conflict you will lose any changes you have made to the chart yourself.

  • It sometimes happened that clicking on a Favorite in AppOne caused a system crash. This is now solved.
  • Sometimes an assert error occurred when changing an expression. This is now solved.
  • Changing the color of a Process Graph caused an assert error. This is now solved.
  • Clicking on a new-style chart in your search results will now go to that chart.
  • The background of empty charts was not displayed properly. This is now solved.
  • Aggregating over a parents records in an expression sometimes gave a wrong result. This is now solved.
  • Sometimes an assert error occurred when using process graphs. This is now solved.
  • Fixed adding context expressions for metrics which are not saved yet.
  • Sometimes you got an error that column sizes exceeded 100%. This is now solved.
  • The developer interface became unresponsive when having a root filter that contained errors. This is now solved.
  • Fixed a crash on New charts which show no valid dates.

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