UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes


Release date: 28 October 2020

What's New

Bug Fixes

  • After resetting a forgotten password via email, an error was thrown thus preventing you from accessing Insights. This occurred due to an issue with propagating the new password to Orchestrator.

Known Issues

  • The ROI Dashboard Time Saved widget inherited the dollar currency and secondary measure of "Days to Goal" from the Money Saved widget. The fix for this issue is the following:
  1. On the machine that Insights is installed, navigate to C:\Program Files\Sisense\OotbFiles.
  2. Delete the existing 'BusinessROI.dash' file.
  3. Download the updated 'BusinessROI.dash' file from this UiPath Github Repository
  4. Copy the downloaded dashboard file into the OotbFiles folder.
  5. Open the Insights Admin Tool, select the "Enable Insights for Tenants" option, and select all tenants you'd like to receive the updated dashboard file. Note: Make sure that the "Dashboards" box is checked under the Replace Resources section. Click the "Next" button to complete the dashboard swap.

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