UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

March 2020

31st March 2020

What's New

Messaging: the Close Conversation option was added to enable users to remove conversation threads from their Inbox.

Community > Explore People: the filtering section is enhanced with the Hiring > Looking for a Job and MVP > Only show MVPs filters.

The Productivity Hacks for Remote Working component bundle is available in the Marketplace.
Marketplace > Healthcare bundle: the selection is enhanced with 3 new components.

The email notification sent to the creator if a bug is reported for one of their components contains the submitter and a hyperlink to their Connect account.

My Profile > Accomplishments: when hovering over the leaderboard position a tooltip containing a short description is displayed.

The options displayed in the footer section have been enhanced for both signed in and guest user views.

The Community Mentor and a set of Community GitHub Contributor badges are now available.

The MVP badge is marked with the year when this was obtained.

Fixed Bugs

  • The platform default language was overwriting the primary language's text details for bilingual components.
  • The description for the 'First Like' badge was inaccurate.
  • The subject line from the Welcome email sent after an account was created, displayed incorrectly the platform name.
  • The Followers counter included inactive users.
  • Page loading slowness was noticed for the Leaderboard section.
  • Several advice lines displayed in the Messaging section were inconsistent.
  • The option to resend the email for Sign up confirmation was not working.
  • Community > Companies: the card displayed after searching for a specific company contained irrelevant information.
  • Edit User Profile > I am currently employed by a company box checked: the My company is not listed option was not displayed in the Company dropdown list if no other results were found.
  • The pop-up message displayed after submitting a Company Creation Request form for disappeared before the user had the chance to click the OK button.
  • The fields from the Company Request Form did not contain the examples meant to guide the user throughout the submission process.
  • User Profile detail page: the field where users can add their experience with UiPat Studio was incorrectly labeled.
  • Create New > Component Upload Form: if, during the submission process the user clicked the close or go back options, the pop up asking them to confirm this action was not displayed. The pop-up contained the option to save the component form as a draft before exiting the page.

Japanese version improvements

  • The Component published date was inconsistent as it displayed both Arabic numbers and Japanese characters.
  • Several sections from the FAQ displayed information in English.
  • Create Component > Upload form: the Cancel button was displayed incorrectly.
  • The Please Wait message was displayed in English.
  • The Messaging: To string was incorrectly spelled.
  • The message from the Terms of Use dialog box was not translated and was incorrectly linked to the English version of the document.
  • Links for the Japanese version of the Publishing Guidelines Custom Activities and Snippets Installation Guides are available in the Japanese FAQ section.
  • The hyperlinks from the footer section for the Japanese page point now to the Japanese versions of the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.

19th March 2020

What's New

MVP and Looking for a job filters have been added in Explore people section.

Bug Fixes

  • Several badges have been reported as missing from the user accounts.
  • Leaderboard performance is improved for tail pages.
  • Platform default language overwrote the primary language's text details on the bilingual components.
  • Embedded links added in resources for additional language were not saved after editing.
  • Inactive users were displayed in the Followers counter.
  • The Component count was not instantly updated when components were published.
  • The Components and Our People sections from the company card were not translated in Japanese.
  • Emoji picker was not translated in Japanese.

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March 2020

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