UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

February 2020

24th February 2020

What's New

If you’re contemplating an upgrade from the Community licensing plan to Enterprise, but you’re not sure if it suits your company’s needs, why not give it a try and find out, no fees attached? Request an Enterprise Trial for your account from the Licenses page in Cloud Portal.

The changes take place in roughly 1 hour after making the trial request, enabling you to experiment with an increased number of licenses (5 Orchestrator services, 5 Attended, 5 Unattended, 5 NonProduction, 5 Studio, 5 StudioX Robots) and access to premium services. Read more about the Enterprise Trial here.

Contact us before the expiry of the 60-day trial period to upgrade your account to the Enterprise plan, otherwise your account is reverted to Community.

Known Issues

  • The Notifications page is not accessible at the moment due to performance issues mitigated during the intermittent outage we experienced a few weeks ago. The notification messages continue to show up for changes performed in your organization.

10th February 2020


Aiming to ease your user experience, we've rethought the actions available in the Licenses page. You don't have to renew your licenses if you've signed up for the Community plan, so you won't see the corresponding button anymore. When you feel the need for more robotic power, you can upgrade to the Enterprise plan. Once on this plan, you can always ask for even more licenses to cover your growing automation needs. Read more about licensing here.

The Resource Links section within the Resource Center page was enriched with all the UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi installer files corresponding to the Studio versions available in the Download Studio section. You should install the file corresponding to the version of the UIAutomation pack contained within your Studio.

Bug Fixes

  • After our previous Orchestrator deployment, some of you experienced intermittent outages for limited periods. The symptoms included slowdowns, issues with your login to your Cloud Platform accounts or Cloud Orchestrator services, or making your Robots unable to connect to your Cloud Orchestrator. After long painstaking hours of being engaged in solving this issue, our team identified the root cause and mitigated it. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • You may have also encountered login failures while trying to access your accounts on platform.uipath.com. As a workaround, we've asked you to clear your cache or access your account using your browser's Incognito mode. We've found the cause of these caching failures and took measures to prevent them in the future.
  • In a few cases, an error was thrown when trying to download the .csv file in the Audit Logs page. To prevent such mishaps we've limited the download to the newest 5000 log entries, ordered by their creation date.
  • The Intro video on the Services and Resource Center pages was a bit outdated. We took it down for a few days, made some updates, and replaced it with this new one with up to date business flows. Happy viewing!
  • You could easily miss any errors occurring in the different tabs of the Add Service window during service creation because the messages were not visible outside those tabs. We've worked to improve your experience by displaying an error message at the top of the window.
  • We've removed the unnecessary scroll bar appearing in the Edit User window when hovering over the Organization Admin checkbox.

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February 2020

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