UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

October 2021

1 October 2021

What's New

  • Automation Pipeline: It is now possible to approve, reject, put on hold, archive or take other available actions on multiple selected items from the list of automations displayed in the Automation Pipeline.
  • Automation Pipeline: Users with permissions to view the Automation Pipeline tables, can now save multiple custom views for each of the tables from Automation Pipeline.


  • Open API: It is now possible to add Tags to a specific Idea using the Update tags API call.
  • Decision Pipeline: It is now possible to sort by the number of hours saved by the company with the option Est. Benefit per company (hours) that is added to the Sort dropdown.
  • Automation Profile > Cost Benefit Analysis: It is now possible to share the infrastructure costs across multiple automation ideas which reflects the costs accurately over all the automation ideas that need that cost.
  • Automation Profile > Cost Benefit Analysis: The AHT robot per transaction (minutes) field is now editable.
  • Detailed Assessment: Calculating Total Processing Time is improved. Rounding is now done at the end of the calculation.
  • Cost Setup > One Time Costs: The option Dominican Republic is now available in the Country list.

Fixed Bugs

  • Workspace > My Components > Upload Component: it is now possible to upload a XAML file that includes a phrase cmd.exe.
  • Open API: POST phase status update: statusCode 500 error was shown instead of 404 when checking a bad input.
  • Explore > Automation Program: Ideas that are in Development phase were not visible to users that have the permission to View an Idea.
  • Task Capture export to Automation Hub: After export, the link generated was not working properly if there is an uppercase in the tenant's name.
  • Process profile > Cost Benefit Analysis > Total Other Costs and Total Running Costs: In Edit mode Total Other Costs and Total Running Costs were not displayed.

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October 2021

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