UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

April 2020


April 21st 2020

Build number: 2020.4


The Program Manager and System Admin can now use the Delete User option in order to easily delete a user account, regardless of its status. The deleted user will no longer be able to access the platform and will be flagged as deactivated in all the impacted page. Access the option in Admin Console > Manage Users > People page > Edit User window. The option is not displayed for the Account Owner account.

Hosting is now also available in the new US Azure datacenter, along with the already existing EMEA (Netherlands) hosting center.

Next week, when Task Capture will release its 20.4 version, we will enable the integration between Automation Hub and Task Capture. This will improve the documentation process for automation idea candidates by allowing users to easily create and import the process PDD, a Word document describing the process AS IS, and its XAML file, directly to Automation Hub. The option to use Task Capture will be available in the idea score page displayed after an Employee-driven idea was submitted and the Documentation module under the Automation Profile page.


The entire Automation Hub layout is rebranded and redesigned in order to improve your experience while interacting with the platform. This also helps us align with the UiPath branding requirements.

Automation Hub is rolling out new pricing and a new licensing model. The per-user pricing model is replaced with a flat fee that enables customers to invite unlimited users in their instance, therefore the licenses and permissions are no longer split between Paid and Non-paid. All CoE users' references are now removed from the following locations:

  • Admin Console > Account page
  • Admin Console > People page
  • Permissions page
  • Automation Profile > Collaborators page
  • FAQ Section
  • Email notifications

New email notifications related to the automation lifecycle, including the notification received by the Process Owner as soon as a CoE-driven idea is submitted, are now implemented. To find the list containing the type and the content of all the emails sent from Automation Hub please access the Email Content section from the User Guide.

Fixed Bugs

  • The search results included users with Inactive, Not invited, Pending status, for the following areas: Submit an idea journey > Question 9 > select a Process Owner; Submit CoE-driven Idea > select a Process Owner drop-down; assigning a Process Owner in the idea Quick View modal; automation profile page > Collaborators > Add a collaborator.
  • Automation Profile > Documentation: when a new document was uploaded, the last updated date was updated for all the documents from the folder. The fix is not applicable to documents that have already been uploaded.
  • Admin Console > Platform Setup > Hierarchy: if the default hierarchy was deleted and a new one was created, the Save button became disabled, preventing the user from saving the newly created hierarchy.
  • Search option: a server error was displayed if the search terms included a dash character (-).
  • Admin console > Manage users > People: inaccurate results were displayed, if the Inactive filter was applied at the same time with any other filter.
  • Explore > People > User Profile > the Automations tab counter was displaying an incorrect number of automations.
  • Admin Console > Idea Assessment > Assessment Customization: the user was not able to remove a question before saving it to the server.
  • Admin Console > Manage Users > People > users with the status Pending: if the email address of a pending user was updated and the invitation email resent, the email content was not accurate.

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April 2020


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