UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: 28 October 2019



The name of the platform was changed from Explorer Expert to Task Capture. This change was made on 16 March 2020, version 2019.10.5. All the notes released before this date will display the old platform name.

Having had over 400 participants signed up for the Private Preview of Explorer Expert, we are happy to announce that this product has made its way to General Availability!

The story of the tool started shortly after the acquisition of the company StepShot that specialized in process documentation. Explorer Expert inherited the best core functionality of StepShot transforming it into the market gamechanger aimed at Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts.

The software captures in-depth process information by generating screenshots, step-by-step descriptions, and detailed annotations. It builds process maps based on the captured processes and allows you to easily export the captured data as a ready-made Process Definition Document or as a skeleton for further implementation in UiPath Studio.

Feel free to dive deeper into each feature described below should you be curious to see what’s inside Explorer Expert.


Diagram Builder

Automatically build a workflow diagram by capturing processes or creating a process map manually.

You can use the intuitive diagram editor to create the structure of your process and define specific steps to perform it. The diagram begins with a Start node which is followed by any number of Sequences or Decisions. The End Action signals the end of the workflow. Everything is linked with arrows to help better visualize the process steps that are documented. Read more about how to work with diagrams here.

Sequence Editor

Make sure only necessary actions are included in your sequences. Start capturing again if any actions are missing. Re-order them should that be required. Also, you can save your actions as images locally to your workstation, duplicate them or make them more insightful by adding titles and descriptions. Please refer to this document for more details.

Image Editor

Add figures, text boxes and sequences, highlight certain spots of your screenshot, blur sensitive data or even extract the text from a given image. Due to a straight-forward editing panel, it takes a few seconds to edit a screenshot. For detailed instructions, check out the article.

Save as

To continue working on the given process map, save it locally as a Process Document in an .SSP format to open and finalize it later on.

Branding wizard

Using My Branding tab in the left-side menu, customize all the elements from the editing panel to make them align with your company style. Check out the following page for better understanding.

Export to Word

Enjoy having a Process Definition Document created automatically by exporting your captured and annotated process to Word. Make use of the customizable template or upload your own. It’s possible to share the template with your teammates to ensure consistency. Word functionality is at your disposal when it comes to editing the exported document or the template itself. A lot more insights into Word export are described at this link.

Export to UiPath Studio

You can transform your captured process into a robot prototype in a .XAML format to edit, implement and debug it directly in UiPath Studio. Just one click for exporting the process and another one for viewing the .XAML file in Studio. Please read this help article.

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