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Last updated Apr 10, 2024


9 May 2022

What’s New

You now have the ability to predict future values for your automation KPIs through Forecasting. You can configure widgets to predict future data based on past values.

Custom fields

Insights allows for developers to add business-critical data that customers want to include in their Dashboards. You are no longer limited to using the pre-defined fields already supported by the Insights data model, and you can now use custom log fields to gain valuable insight into your business metrics.

Common fields are not yet supported.

Log rule configuration

You can now configure a variety of log options for your processes. You can now choose to ingest all logs for a specific process, or ingest only last logs and Error logs for specific processes. Alternatively, you can choose to exclude any log ingestion for a process. This will help store data for a longer duration.

User and group access management

You can now assign and manage group roles in Insights. As an Insights Administrator , you can assign user roles through Active Directory groups or Orchestrator groups.

To assign users to Insights, see User and group access management.

Support For Linked Queues

Previously, when a queue was shared with other folders, Insights could only report on the original folder that the queue was created in. We have released support for reporting on the queue in the context of the folder where the queue item was executed.

For more information, see Insights Queues.

We removed the Specific Data, Analytics Data and Output dimensions from Queues to improve performance. These pre-defined fields make use of JSON outputs for Dashboard configuration.

You can still create Dashboards using these fields in a manner that fits your business metrics, by configuring Custom Variables.

Bug Fixes

Erratum 4 November 2022: Fixed an issue causing an SQL authentication error when the Integrated Auth was disabled.

Known Issues
The Baseprocess Explore shows up when using the Advanced filter option to add filters from another Explore. Please ignore this explore.
  • 9 May 2022

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