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Automation Hub API Guide
Last updated 19 de abr de 2024

Authenticating to Your Automation Hub Tenant

  1. Generate the API Access Information from the Automation Hub Open API page as described in the Generate your Token from Automation Hub page.

The authentication information is composed of the [Tenant ID] and [Token] values. An example is: 46b6c342-3ab4-11e9-9c19-37a2344a67e8/ce91aa04-fc61-49e9-bec5-cb237efb4bda where:

  • 46b6c342-3ab4-11e9-9c19-37a2344a67e8 is the unique Tenant ID,

  • ce91aa04-fc61-49e9-bec5-cb237efb4bda is the specific token generated for the user account.


The token must be used together with the following element in the header:

  • OpenAPI token identifier x-ah-openapi-auth. This is used to identify the token type. The value is always hardcoded as openapi-token. You should not enter the actual token value generated from the UI in this header parameter.

The App Key is optional. Use it only if it was defined in the Add Token modal.

  • App Key x-ah-openapi-app-key

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