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Last updated Jun 6, 2024

What is my licensing model?

This page contains information to help you figure out what licensing model is currently used by your organization. Knowing the licensing model is important so that you know how to manage licenses properly.

Two licensing models

User license management gives a coherent representation between UiPath's commercial model (purchased SKUs) and the licenses available for distribution in an organization. User licenses are managed separately from service/unattended robot licenses and are not tied to a specific tenant; a user can use its license across multiple tenants in the organization.

As opposed to user license management, the legacy license management model provides no clear separation between user and robot/service licenses in terms of management. User licenses and robot/service licenses are assigned on a per-tenant basis in the Automation Cloud portal. User licenses are further managed in Orchestrator. This brings a couple of limitations:

  • User licenses are tied to specific tenants, license reassignment between tenants only being possible through manual intervention from an administrator.
  • You cannot manage user licenses centrally.

    Note: Standalone Orchestrator

    For standalone Orchestrator, user license management is not available. Therefore if you are using standalone Orchestrator, your model is the legacy license management model.

Telling licensing models apart

The user licensing model provides clear separation between user and robot/service licenses in terms of management.

User license management allows you to manage all licenses in your organization in the dedicated sections on the Licenses page. Conversely, in the legacy licensing model, on the Licenses page, you can only visualize your licenses with no license management options available.


Below is a list of links to the appropriate documentation depending on your UiPath environment and licensing model:

  • Two licensing models
  • Telling licensing models apart
  • Documentation

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