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Last updated 2023年12月20日


Release date: 27 January 2021


  • You can now mark projects tested in Picture in Picture as ready for execution in PiP, The Project Settings window has been updated with two new settings:

    • PiP Ready - Set to Yes to indicate that the project was tested using Picture in Picture. If set to No, the user will receive a warning when starting from Assistant that the process may not work correctly when run inside Picture in Picture.
    • Starts in PiP - Set to Yes to indicate that the process should be run by default using the Picture in Picture feature.

Mail Automation

  • Outlook 365 and Gmail application credentials can now be automatically loaded from specific assets in a dedicated Orchestrator folder, enabling users to quickly connect to their accounts without having to provide the application and tenant IDs in the Use Outlook 365 activity, or the client ID and client secret in the Use Gmail activity. For more information, see Adding Application Credentials for Outlook 365 and Gmail in Orchestrator.
  • Automations for Gmail and Outlook 365 now offer both plain text and HTML email bodies to ensure the recipient can view correctly regardless of their mail client.
  • The Send Calendar Invite activity has received the following updates:

    • The Description property has been updated to allow the use of a Word document as input in addition to the current plain text option.
    • The Attachments property has been added, offering the ability to attach files to a calendar event.

Excel Automation

Excel can now be launched in a way that allows add-ins to be loaded, both at design time and at runtime. A new activities settings category titled Excel Business has been added to the Project Settings window with the following options available:

  • Launch Excel:

    • Launch method - Select how Excel should be launched at runtime:

      • Automation - Start Excel by the COM APIs.
      • Application – Start Excel as a process with the file as an argument, ensuring that all aspects of Excel load, such as add-ins. This is the default option.
      • Time to wait for Excel to start (in seconds) - How many seconds to wait for Excel to open before generating an error.
    • Excel Preview:
    • Excel preview type - Select how Excel should be accessed when previewing using the Plus menu:

      • Default - Let StudioX decide what method to use (currently this is the UseXmlFile option).
      • UseXmlFile – StudioX will read the file contents directly. This is currently limited to .xlsx files only and does not work with files that rely on Excel add-ins to correctly view the contents.
      • UseExcelInstance – Loads Excel in the background to process the file contents. This will show the file contents of any file that can be opened by Excel, meaning it supports all file formats and files that require an add-in such as digital rights management (DRM) systems. To see results faster, manually open the file in Excel and leave it open. If the launch option is set to Application you are required to manually open the file first.

Bug Fixes

  • Speech Viewer is now focusing and narrating the submenus under the Design tab. The CTRL + ALT + D keyboard shortcut has been added to switch focus to the Save button from the Design tab.
  • Improvements
  • Mail Automation
  • Excel Automation
  • Bug Fixes

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