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      • 19 March 2024
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AI Computer Vision User Guide
Last updated 2024年4月2日

1 April 2024

Support for API keys ending in March 2025

In our continual efforts to maintain the highest levels of security and user experience, we have decided to phase out API Keys authentication in March 2025.

We recommend using External Applications and Personal Access Tokens (PATs) as the primary method of authentication.

Expiry of API tokens

Current API Tokens will undergo no immediate changes – they will be supported until March 2025. Please note that after this date, API Keys will be removed from our authentication method offerings.

Migration to new authentication methods

For AI Computer Vision, we are in the process of enabling the transition from API keys to External Applications or PATs soon. This shift not only aligns with best practices for OAuth 2.0 but also ensures a much securer and manageable authentication process.

Check out Migrating from API Keys to PATs for step-by-step instructions on the switch.

  • Support for API keys ending in March 2025
  • Expiry of API tokens
  • Migration to new authentication methods

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