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Adding a New Node the Cluster - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated 19. Dez. 2023

Adding a New Node the Cluster

You can add server and agent nodes to the deployment after installation to increase resourcing.

Note: Note we only recommend adding nodes if you are already in a multi-node setup. We do not support a transition from an evaluation profile to a multi-node HA-ready profile.

To add a new node to the cluster, take the following steps:

  1. Create or provision a new node, and configure the disks and open ports according to the following: Configuring the machines.
  2. Configure the node in the load balancer as follows: Configuring the load balancer.
  3. Copy the installer package available at /opt/UiPathAutomationSuite in any of the server nodes.
  4. For an online installation, run one of the commands below.
    • for adding a new server node:
      ./ -i ./input.json -o ./output.json -k -j server --accept-license-agreement --install-standalone-aicenter./ -i ./input.json -o ./output.json -k -j server --accept-license-agreement --install-standalone-aicenter
      • for adding a new agent node:
        ./ -i ./input.json -o ./output.json -k -j agent --accept-license-agreement --install-standalone-aicenter./ -i ./input.json -o ./output.json -k -j agent --accept-license-agreement --install-standalone-aicenter
    • For an offline installation, follow these instructions: Step 5: Standalone installation.
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