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Configuring authentication settings

Active Directory is essential in coordinating authentication and access management policies for most companies. When establishing directory integration, your identity provider (IDP) serves as the single source of truth for user identities.

Choosing the identity provider for your organization affects the way users sign in, and how user and group accounts are created and managed. In Automation Suite, administrators can choose the authentication and related security settings either globally for all organizations at once, or on a per-organization basis.

Azure AD Host LevelAzure AD Org LevelSAML Host LevelSAML Org Level
Directory integrationNoYesNoYes
Automatic provisioningYesYesNoYes
Automatic group provisioningNoNoNoYes

Global authentication settings

As a system administrator, you can choose the authentication and related default security settings for your entire Automation Suite installation at the host level. We call these host authentication and security settings and they are inherited by all organizations as default.

Learn to configure host authentication and security settings.

Organization-level authentication settings

As an organization administrator, you can choose the authentication and related security settings for your organization. Some settings are inherited from the host level, but you can override them if different settings should apply for your organization.

Learn to configure organization-level authentication and security settings.

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Configuring authentication settings

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