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Last updated Feb 8, 2024


Studio is our IDE for test automation development, part of UiPath's Test Suite.


Studio enables you to create automated test cases in VB or C#, used in CI/CD pipeline scenarios.
  • Application testing involves test cases and data-driven test cases, along with verification activities from the Testing.Activities package, that allow you to create reliable automated tests.
  • RPA testing covers all the specific cases and allows you to execute and manage the tests.
  • API Test Automation works through Postman for calls related to testing and to APIs.

Mobile device automation

Mobile Device Automation offers you a platform for designing and running device automation without physically using the device. The solution works with various device types and connects to device farms and emulators, allowing you to easily record and automate steps taken on a mobile device. The Mobile Device Manager simplifies device interaction, and the available debugging tools help you in creating effective tests.

The structure of Mobile Device Automation consists of the following components:

Mobile device automation componentDescription
Mobile Automation Activities (MobileAutomation.Activities) The specific activities assist you in creating mobile automations by performing tasks like installing and managing apps, retrieving attributes, tapping UI controls, or printing out logs.
StudioStudio serves as the environment for creating the automation workflows for mobile devices.
MDM (Mobile Device Manager)A tool within Studio that connects to real or emulated devices through Appium. With MDM, you can record and perform actions, manage devices and applications, execute tests, and debug them. MDM supports Android, iOS, and Web for emulators and real devices connected through the cloud, your local network, or USB.

Studio, along with the mobile automation activities allow you to create effective mobile tests. Meanwhile, the Mobile Device Manager bridges your actions and the devices to ease the process of mobile testing.

SAP Solution Manager Integration

SAP Solution Manager integrates with Studio, allowing you to create automated tests that cover both SAP and non-SAP applications. SAP customers can run these test cases, exchange complex test data, and ensure the functionality of the Business Process Change Analyzer with TBOM Recording for automation projects. This integration also provides precise reporting with a consolidated view.

The process flow involves the following steps:

  1. Test Manager: Performs test executions, collects logs, transfers test data to SAP Solution Manager.
  2. Orchestrator: Manages the test executions.
  3. Robot: Executes the tests.
  • Studio
  • Mobile device automation
  • SAP Solution Manager Integration
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