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Last updated Feb 28, 2024


Heatmap is a data visualization solution that helps business users understand the usage of the SAP system and answer questions about what to test and where to start testing based on real system data.
Note: The heatmap supports the SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP EWM systems.
The data is aggregated and summarized to be visually presented in Heatmap via daily, weekly, or monthly overlays. Use heatmap for SAP to determine test relevance and test coverage:
  • Test Relevance—the size of the box in the Heatmap displays how relevant the test is for achieving a specific goal. The size of the box answers the question: How often and how heavily is this transaction used?.

    Test relevance is calculated and weighted based on parameters such as: number of users, number of executions, overall execution time, transaction complexity (based on the number of development objects), and the type of transaction intensity that you configure.

    Depending on the source of the SAP data, you can define the default heatmap ratios settings.

  • Test Coverage—The colors of the boxes provide a visualization of the execution coverage of a transaction through executed test cases. The colors show the following:
    • Gray: test case doesn't exist or wasn't executed.
    • Red: test case exists, but at least one execution has failed.
    • Green: test case exists, and all executions passed.

These visualizations allow you to quickly understand your SAP health.

Heatmap display

The actual heatmap that is generated using your SAP data offers a two-level view:

  1. Application components—containers inside the heatmap that contain all the transactions used inside a specific application component.
  2. Transactions—boxes inside the application containers that contain data about a certain transaction or program, such as: name, SAP code, and the percentage of test relevance in the heatmap.

    Yon can zoom in on a selected area of interest and focus only on a specific SAP component or module.

    1. Gray - no test cases were executed or test cases don't exist for this transaction.
    2. Red - test cases exist and one or more executions failed.
    3. Green - test cases exist and all executions passed.

Heatmap ratios

The heatmap is created based on the values of the following SAP attributes:

SAP attributeDescriptionDefault value
UsersThe number of users using the transaction40
ExecutionThe number of executions per transaction10
TimeThe overall processing time it takes for a transaction to execut10
ObjectThe number of development objects used in a transaction, such as screens, functional modules, tables 10
IntensityThe type of transaction:
  • High intensity transactions are considered the Create type of transaction
  • Medium-intensity transactions are considered the Change type of transactions
  • Low-intensity transactions are considered the Display type of transactions)
The sum of all assignment ratios must equal 100.

Direct connection to SAP instance

The settings can be adjusted based on the customer needs from the top-right corner of the heatmap .

Connection with CSV file

You configure them when downloading the CSV file from SAP, in the Parameters tab.

Linkage and connection between heatmap, test cases and transactions

All transactions inside the heatmap have a unique label automatically assigned to them at runtime. The label has the following format: TRAN:SAP_CODE or PROG:SAPPROGRAM.

The information about real executed transactions and their dependencies are collected at runtime. You can monitor the execution of tests with the SAP Testing Project Template. Use the SAP Testing Project Template to allow the linking between executed transactions and test cases.

For example, a transaction named Create Purchase Order, with ME21N as its SAP code, has the  TRAN:ME21N label. If you want to create a test case for this transaction, the same label appears in the Labels field of the Create Test Case dialog box.

Heatmap attachments

The SAP data that generates the heatmap can be found in Test Manager's Dashboard, under Attachments:

  • For ConnectSapInstance as Data Source: three JSON files are attached (for Day, Week and Month)
  • For UploadFromCSV as Data Source: the uploaded CSV file is attached.

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