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Direct connection to SAP instance - Standalone 2023.4
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Last updated Feb 8, 2024

Direct connection to SAP instance

To create an integration between your Test Manager project and your SAP system to collect data periodically, using a connection to your SAP system:

  1. Open your project in Test Manager, and go to Project Settings > Integration.
  2. Select SAP from the New Connection dropdown.
    The Edit connection dialog pops up.
  3. Fill in the fields according to the data from your SAP system:
    1. Name - name the integration between Test Manager and SAP.
    2. Description - describe the integration between Test Manager and SAP.
  4. Select ConnectSapInstance from Data Source:
    1. Application Server—IP address that your SAP system is working on.
    2. System name—three-letter SAP system ID.
    3. Instance Number—SAP system number.
    4. Client—SAP client tolog into.
    5. User—SAP user name.
    6. Password—SAP password.
    7. Polling Interval—time interval when data is brought from the SAP system. The minimum value for this is one hour.
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  5. After you finish the configuration of the integration, select Save.
  6. Refresh your project. The Heatmap page appears in the left-hand menu of your Test Manager project.

Integrating SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK

To make the connection between Test Manager and your SAP instance work, install SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50.
  1. Visit SAP Note 2573790 and login with your SAP credentials.
  2. In Downloads, search for SAP NW RFC.
  3. Click SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50, select the nwrfc750P_9-70002755.zip file, and download it.
  4. Extract it in your C:\ directory and check to see if you have the dll files inside the lib folder.
    For example: C:\lib
  5. Set the Path variable as the path of the lib folder that you extracted with the entire SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50.
Now you can integrate a direct connection between your SAP system and Test Manager.
  • Integrating SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK
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