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Last updated Dec 19, 2023

Mobile Device Automation


Mobile Device Automation provides a platform to design and run your device automation without ever touching the device.

With a wide device type coverage and connections to device farms and emulators, you can easily record and automate mobile tasks. Device interaction is made easy through the Mobile Device Manager while the debugging tools support your effort to visualize and understand what has happened during your tests.

How It Works

Mobile Device Automation is composed of the following components:

  • Mobile Automation Activities supports your mobile automation through essential actions such as installing and managing apps, getting attributes, tapping, or getting logs.
  • Studio is your playground for creating mobile device automation workflows.
  • Mobile Device Manager (MDM), a tool that connects to real or simulated devices through Appium. With the help of Mobile Device Manager, you can record and perform actions, manage devices and applications, run tests, and debug. It supports Android, iOS, and Web for emulators and real devices that are connected through the cloud, your local network, or USB.

Studio and the mobile automation activity pack help you to create automation workflows, whereas Mobile Device Manager acts as a bridge between your actions and the tested devices. MDM uses Appium to connect to and run tests on your devices.

Get Started with Mobile Automation

To create and start running your mobile device automation, see the following topics:

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