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v3.0 - Automation Suite 2023.4
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Test Suite
Last updated Dec 19, 2023


Release date: 14 February 2023

What's new

For more flexibility, you can now replace the default version of the command-line interface (CLI) that comes with the Azure DevOps extension, with whatever version of the CLI that you want, as long as it's compatible. To replace the default version of the CLI, use the UiPath InstallPlatform task and select the desired version from the dropdown list. Learn how to use the UiPath InstallPlatform task here.


  • With this release, the default CLI version that comes with it is 21.10, but you can now choose to download a different version of the CLI, by using the UiPath InstallPlatform task This offers the possibility to pack Windows and Cross-platform projects.

    The UiPath InstallPlatform task allows you to:

    • Download, and implement a different version of the CLI, using the Choose a CLI version dropdown list.
    • Implement a different version of the CLI, by manually downloading the CLI NUPKG file, placing it on your build agent, and specifying that path in the Path to CLI's nupkg field. This scenario applies for cases when your pipeline can't access the UiPath Public Feed to download the CLI.
  • All the errors that the Packager throws at compilation can now be viewed and investigated from the console error logs.

Bug fixes

  • Windows projects deployed using the Azure DevOps extension now successfully execute in Orchestrator.

  • The basic authentication header was removed from Orchestrator requests.

  • An error occurred when publishing a Windows package through UiPath Deploy due to an output type discovery issue within the project.json file.

  • Packages were deployed as libraries in Orchestrator, even if the input JSON file explicitly specified the outputType parameter as Process. This behavior is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Workflow Analyzer to analyze YAML files.

  • What's new
  • Improvements
  • Bug fixes
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