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Solutions Management Release Notes Guide
Last updated Feb 7, 2024

October 2023

Release date: October 25, 2023

UiPath Solutions Management now in Public Preview

We are thrilled to introduce UiPath Solutions Management, a new set of capabilities aimed at streamlining the solution lifecycle management within the UiPath ecosystem. Currently available via Automation Cloud, Solutions Management is here to simplify the way you transport, deploy, and maintain solutions.

The before

A solution is a collection of components built and configured on the UiPath platform that function together to automate a business case. In the UiPath world, a solution can be anything ranging from a Studio workflow to a combination of workflows or processes, assets, quesues, ML Skills, and more.

While you know that all these independent pieces that work together form your solution, there is no built-in option to define them as a unitary artifact that you can easily manage; and this is exactly where Solutions Management comes into play.

The after

As you can see, we were no strangers to the concept of a solution before. However, what Solutions Management now brings to the table is the possibility of handling all these components in a standardized manner.

To put it briefly, you now have an out-of-the-box means to manage the lifecycle of your solutions. The process of transferring solutions between environments, deploying them, and applying environment-specific configuration is significantly easier now that the new set of platform capabilities help you bundle everything together.

How do I start?

Sporting an approachable user interface that bets on wizard-like experiences, Solutions Management is accessible via Automation Ops. It is there where you can start creating and configuring solution packages so that you can subsequently transport them from one environment to another.

However, to make the most of its potential, we strongly recommend taking a moment to explore the Solutions Management User Guide. The documentation will be your go-to tool whenever you want to dive into topics such as prerequisites, solution package configuration or deployment, transport, etc.

What's next?

Solutions Management is currently in Public Preview phase. While it is now available to a broader audience, it is still work in progress, and there might be some limitations or rough edges here and there. But rest assured, we are working hard to address issues and expand its feature set.

Known issues and limitations

  • Upgrading components is currently not possible, but expect this functionality soon on the Solutions Management feature list.

  • You can currently use a limited number of components to build solution packages. From Orchestrator, you can rely on processes, assets, queues, storage buckets, webhooks, and triggers, whereas from Action Center, you can use action catalogs. More is coming soon.

  • Trying to deploy a package that includes certain components with a shared dependency in another folder results in a failure, even though the operation passes the validation.

  • When creating a solution package, the only way to identify linked components is by using the Search field.

  • UiPath Solutions Management now in Public Preview
  • The before
  • The after
  • How do I start?
  • What's next?
  • Known issues and limitations

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