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Solutions Management Release Notes Guide
Last updated Jul 9, 2024

December 2023

Release date: December 11, 2023

Support for solution upgrades

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer support for upgrading solutions. This new feature allows you to make broader changes to your solutions, such as adding, removing, or replacing solution components and editing component properties.

For more details, see Upgrading a solution.

Known issues and limitations

  • You cannot currently upgrade packages that contain action catalogs.

  • When editing a solution package to create a new version, in order to fetch the latest updates form the source environment for a certain solution component, you must remove and re-add that component.

  • When upgrading a solution package, there is currently no comparison view for replaced components. You must, therefore, ensure the linked component configuration is still valid after the upgrade.

  • At upgrade, older automation package versions are not removed from the target environment.

  • When creating a new solution version, if you remove a component and replace it with one of the same type and with the same name, a conflict occurs and causes the upgrade to fail.

  • Components from personal workspaces are not yet visible in the Solution explorer.

  • You cannot edit the process name in the solution configuration.

  • Support for solution upgrades
  • Known issues and limitations

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