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Test Suite Release Notes
Last updated 2024年6月13日

January 2024

10 January 2024

What's New

Precondition for manual test cases

To define preconditions for manual tests, you can now add preparatory steps for your manual test cases. Preconditions help by stating the actions that must occur before the actual testing starts. Visit Adding manual steps to a test case to learn how you can add preconditions to your manual test cases.

New version of the project migration schema

The precondition for manual test cases feature also comes with a new version of the schema that you use for importing or exporting your testing projects. To accommodate the new functionality of a manual test case, the 1.0.1 version of the schema now supports the Precondition property in the JSON files of your test cases, so you can import or export your preconditions. Visit Import project to learn how to retrieve the schema for your testing project.
  • 10 January 2024

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