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In this topic, you can learn how to migrate users from previous versions of Insights to Insights 2021.10 using the Insights User Migration Tool. Users are not migrated automatically when Insights is updated to 2021.10, so you can either use the Insights migration tool or an admin can add users to the new system individually. The migration tool will allow you to migrate all users and maintain designer roles, or migrate only users with viewer roles.

For more information on user roles, see Permission types.

Considerations before user migration

  • The Insights User Migration Tool is currently available only in English.
  • Insights does not currently support migrating Groups, (e.g., Active Directory Groups, Orchestrator Groups). You need to individually add each user who previously had access to Insights through group membership and assign their role. For more information, see Adding users in Insights.
  • Users who are migrated once will no longer be considered for future runs of the tool.
  • The default UiPath Insights 2021.10 license includes unlimited viewer users, but only 10 designer users. If your organization has not purchased the additional user add-on, you may only have 10 designer users across your entire installation.

Migrate users with Insights User Migration Tool

To migrate your users, you will need to run the User Migration tool, get the installation access token from Orchestrator, and then select the specific user migration option.



You need to run the Insights User Migration Tool as administrator on the same host machine that is running the Insights service.

  1. Download Insights User Migration Tool ZIP file.
  2. Extract the archive contents and then run the Migration Tool as administrator.
  3. Follow the initial on-screen instructions and access the Management Portal URL prompted by the tool to copy your installation access token from Orchestrator and then enter it into the tool. For more information, see Installation key.
  4. Verify the list of users that are about to be migrated.
  1. Select an option based on your user migration scenario.

You can see a list of tenants and their associated usernames, along with a count of the total users, including designers and viewers. To complete the user migration, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Migrate all users and maintain designer roles
  • Migrate only users with viewer roles
  • Do no migrate users



If you proceed with the first option for the user migration and have more than 10 designers, you will be prompted to confirm that you have already purchased the required additional licenses. If you have already purchased additional licenses, you can confirm your action to migrate all the designers. Otherwise, contact a sales expert for licensing queries.

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User Migration Tool

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