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11 August 2022

Automation Suite 2022.4.1, which delivers Insights 2022.4.2, is now available.

This Insights version includes the following:

3 August 2022




The capabilities and fixes described in these release notes are currently available only in standalone Insights.


Insights Installation

  • The Insights installation has been improved through the addition of two scripts which will automatically install the prerequisites for the Insights Windows machine and initialize Looker on the Insights Linux machine so that you no longer have to perform these steps manually (see Insights Installation).

  • During the Insights installation, you now have the option to skip the Windows Firewall rule creation.

Support for new RHEL version

You can now install Insights on machines running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.6.

Insights has migrated to .NET 6

Insights now uses the latest .NET release, .NET 6. The software requirements document has been updated.
Previous .NET versions will no longer be supported by Insights.

Bug Fixes

  • When installing Insights with Active Directory configured, a keytab file was not generated, blocking the installation.

  • The LookerPreinstallation tool failed because of validation issues with specific SQL configurations such as, <database cluster>\<instance> and <database server>,<port>.

  • Improved the error message description shown when Looker returns the 503-error code (Service Unavailable). The original error message We are setting up Insights. Please try again in a few minutes has been changed to Looker is unavailable right now, please try again in a few minutes to accurately reflect the error.

  • Fixed an issue in which it was not possible for database passwords to contain the ampersand (&) symbol.

What do the labels mean?

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This version of Insights is available in two deployment models:

  • standalone Insights
  • Insights service which is part of Automation Suite

The product is similar enough across deployment types to share the same documentation.
But differences do exist. When certain information applies to only one of the deployments, we use the following labels:

  • - only applies to standalone Insights and does not apply to Automation Suite Insights.
  • - only applies to Automation Suite Insights and does not apply to standalone Insights.

Whenever there is no label, the information applies to both deployment types.

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