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Hardware and Software Requirements - Standalone 2021.10
Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

These requirements are only applicable for the server where Insights is installed. For users viewing Insights, a supported web browser is the only requirement.

Insights Server

Important: Insights must be installed on its own machine, it cannot be co-hosted with Orchestrator.
CPU (cores) System Memory (GB) Storage (GB)
8 32 32
Note: The drive where Docker is installed (usually C:) requires at least 32 GB of storage.


Important: If you are using a VM or cloud-hosted VM, it must support nested virtualization with Windows operating systems.
Hyper-V Requirements for Cloud Service Providers
Azure - See more
AWS - See more


Make sure the following ports are externally accessible and no other service is using these ports:

Note: This is the default port, and you can change it to any available port
Note: Make sure that the Insights hostname is resolvable within your DNS.

SQL Server

Note: For best performance, consider hosting the Insights database on a dedicated machine. If you currently have a Small Scale deployment or are evaluating Insights, you might have both Orchestrator and Insights databases on the same machine. If you start noticing performance issues, you can move the Insights database to a dedicated machine.
  Small Scale (<1M Rows) Medium Scale (1-20M Rows) Large Scale(20-150M Rows) Extralarge Scale(150-500M Rows)
CPU 4 Cores 8 Cores 8-16 Cores 16 Cores
System Memory 16 GB 32 GB 32-64 GB 64 GB
Data Disk 40 GB / 7500 IOPS 100 GB / 7500 IOPS 500 GB / 15000 IOPS 1 TB / 15000 IOPS

Software Requirements

Important: Your Orchestrator and Insights products must be of the same version (e.g. v2021.10.0).

Operating System

Software Compatible Version
Windows Server 2019


Software Compatible Version
SQL Server 2019
  • Insights requires the SQL Server to have support for columnstore index and .json functions.
  • For Azure SQL, ensure the database is S3 tier or above.
  • Make sure the compatibility level for Insights database is set to 150 or higher ("SELECT compatibility_level from sys.databases WHERE name = '{dbName}'). In most cases, the default settings meet this requirement. For more info, refer to View or Change the Compatibility level of a Database - SQL Server.

Web Browsers

Software Compatible Version


Firefox 69.0.1+
Note: Not supported in Private Browsing mode.
Edge (Chromium) 20.0+

Web Servers

Software Compatible Version
IIS 10+


Note: Make sure to install the Hosting Bundle after installing IIS.
Software Compatible Version
.NET Hosting Bundle 6.0.7+ 6.0.7+


Docker for Windows Server 2019
Note: We do not support WSL-backended Docker. For installation instructions, see Prerequisites to Installation page.

Security Protocols

Software Compatible Version
TLS 1.1 or 1.2
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