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Document Understanding Release Notes
Last updated 11 avr. 2024

September 2022

General Release Notes - Document Understanding

26 September 2022

What's New & Improvements

Schema import can now be applied for multivalued fields. You can also export or download a schema with multivalued fields.

Please be aware that multivalued fields are compatible only with the models that have the version 2022.10 or higher.

Improvements have been made on the labelling of multivalued fields. You can now see in the default collapsed state of the multivalued field two values, and all labelled values in the expanded state.

Checkboxes can be used with multi value fields and be applied in different forms. For example, you can use of of the following checkbox options: Label the options; Label the checkboxes, with separate field for each checkbox; Label only the checkboxes with a single Multi-valued field; or Label the options with a single Multivalued field.

8 September 2022

What's New & Improvements

Improvements have been made on the Create new document type Semi-Structured AI window, allowing you to select an out-of-the-box pre-trained document type and to customize it as needed.

Document Understanding has a new, refreshed look, with the Remove project option nested in an action menu that's individually available for all the created projects.

General Release Notes - ML Packages

13 September 2022 | V22.10.0 Cloud

Released in UiPathDocumentOCR

What's New & Improvements

Important: Please note that this release has been rolled back. A new version of the UiPathDocumentOCRmodel is expected to be released in the near future.

A new feature is now available for barcodes and QR codes detection.

Accuracy improvements have been made on long strings like email addresses and URLs, on fixed width fonts, and on handwriting and signatures detection.

Page rotation detection has also been improved.

Known Issue

Added September 19, 2022

The availability of this release may vary between regions for the moment, the most affected region being Europe.

6 September 2022 | V22.6.0-preview

Released in DocumentUnderstanding + Data Extraction ML Packages

What's New

There are 18 new Preview ML packages available with a more advanced model architecture for our DU ML Packages in AI Center. You can easily identify them by the Preview attached to the end of the package name, eg.: InvoicesPreview,PurchaseOrderPreview,Acord125Preview, etc.

We've updated the public endpoints list with all the new Preview ML packages and can be consulted Public Endpoints.

Worth mentioning is the fact that these preview models don't consume DU/AI units from your licensing entitlement.

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