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Last updated 8. März 2024


Test Manager collects usage and performance data to help diagnose problems and improve its products. The information we collect can include data on UiPath product information, the operating system, and browser versions. Telemetry data is always sent anonymously.

UiPath Privacy Policy

The UiPath Privacy Policy contains detailed information on which personal data about you we collect, use, disclose, share or otherwise process when you are using this website, our products and our services. Please read this policy carefully to understand our views and practices on how we protect your personal data.

Disabling Telemetry Data

By default, usage data collection is enabled in on-premises Test Manager installations. You can deactivate telemetry at any time.

Follow these steps to deactivate telemetry:

  1. Open the configuration file in your Test Manager installation location (e.g %TestManagerInstallDir%\appsettings.production.json).
  2. Set the Enabled value for TelemetrySettings to false.
            "Enabled": "false",
            "Key": "key_to_app_insights"
            "Enabled": "false",
            "Key": "key_to_app_insights"
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the application.
  • UiPath Privacy Policy
  • Disabling Telemetry Data

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