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Action Center
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Last updated 21. Mai 2024


Release Date: 24 April 2023

What's New

Embedding Actions

Completing Actions just got easier with fast access to the Actions tab, or a specific Action! You can now embed the following Action Center items into your desired applications or web pages:

  • The Actions portal
  • A specific Action, such as a Document Validation Action.

Visit to learn how to embed your Action Center items.

License tracking

Guarantee that your users handle licenses accordingly by taking action when you see the following error: Please contact your administrator to allocate right licenses for this application access’ with a close button. Users will see this banner in every new session.

Delete Action Catalogs

Reorganize your Actions environment by deleting the Action catalogs that you don't use anymore. Learn how to delete an Action catalog in our documentation.

Enhanced filtering and sorting options

Ease the process of searching for Actions in your inbox, by ordering them with the following options:

  • Filter Actions by specific date.
  • Filter Actions by the folder or subfolder where they are located.
  • Sort Actions by their title in ascending or descending order.

Moreover, you can now enjoy a more relevant perspective over your Actions by using the enhanced view for filtering and sorting inside your inbox.

Learn how to use the new filtering and sorting alternative in Filtering Actions.

Bug fixes

  • Form tasks using fields that contain the _storage argument changed the behavior of other form fields.
  • The CSV file that you downloaded from the Inbox didn't display the expected number of Actions if you applied filters on them.
  • The option to filter Actions based on Labels didn't appear when opening the Inbox once. Filtering Actions by labels works as expected now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused static dropdowns to display the values of a form field, instead of only displaying the label of that field.
  • The DateTime format returned from Form Actions caused workflows to fail. The DateTime format was changed to its original setup to fix this behavior
  • What's New
  • Embedding Actions
  • License tracking
  • Delete Action Catalogs
  • Enhanced filtering and sorting options
  • Bug fixes

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