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Clipboard AI User Guide (Public Beta)
Last updated Feb 14, 2024

Data privacy

Important: UiPath Clipboard AI is currently in Public Beta.

UiPath values data privacy and aims towards protecting all users' right to privacy when sharing data while using UiPath Clipboard AI.

While using the Clipboard AI application, usage and performance data is being collected to help diagnose issues and respond to customer support requests. No data is used for training machine-learning models.

We strive to continuously enhance the product, while ensuring customer’s data security and privacy are kept as a top priority.


Clipboard AI uses the followings services:

  • UiPath official services:
    • Document Understanding - Document screenshots are processed for data extraction. No data is persisted. For more details on Document Understanding, check out the Legal Information page.
    • Computer Vision - Document screenshots are processed for data extraction. No data is persisted. For more details on Computer Vision, check out the legal information in the Data storage page.
    • Telemetry - We collect app usage events like app startup, close, copy paste actions, source document schemas without private data, and destination schemas without private data.
  • UiPath Clipboard AI services:
    • Data mapping - Provides data mapping between the source document and the destination. Source and destination schemas are collected, which are the labels/names of the fields, not their associated values.
    • Transformations - Data transformations like date formats, currencies, units of measure, etc. We collect the value to be transformed and the user provided string that describes the transformation.
    • Semistructured - Our machine learning model for semi-structured data. Document screenshots are processed for data extraction. No data is persisted.
    • Blob storage - Some data may be persisted for the purpose of improving the product and testing the application and its various components, including testing machine learning models. We do not train machine learning models based on customer data. Partial or full screenshots of the extracted documents or of the destination web forms may be persisted for debugging and testing purposes. Microsoft Excel screenshots or data are not saved in any way.

      We want to reassure you that our data control measures are extremely stringent, and our team receives regular training to maintain the highest levels of data privacy and security.

For all of the above, we use industry standard TLS 1.2 as the minimum for data encryption in transit, and AES 256 for encryption at rest. Through different legal agreements that are in place, such as Evaluation Agreement or MSSA, data is under very limited access provided to UiPath personnel, such as engineers and product managers, solely for the purpose of fulfilling UiPath rights and obligations under the agreement, and it is not being persisted to third parties.

Besides the UiPath infrastrucure, Clipboard AI leverages the following services:

  • GPT-3 - This is the official endpoint for Microsoft Azure GPT-3 and it is protected by industry standard data encryption, in transit or at rest. Data is sent in text format only, when the Plain-text is used. Data is only processed, not saved.
  • Amazon Textract - This is the official endpoint for the Amazon Textract machine learning service and it is protected by industry standards for data encryption, in transit or at rest. We send data here in image format only when the Tables and name-value pairs extractor is used. Data is only processed, not saved.
  • Google Sheets - When copying from/pasting to Google sheets, we use API access to work with these cloud documents. The data is not stored anywhere or sent to any third party application/AI platform or AI model. Clipboard AI's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

For other services not mentioned above, for example Microsoft Excel, we do not save or use any data.


UiPath Data Residency policy is the place where you can find all regions where UiPath Automation Cloud™ and our cloud services can be hosted, depending on your licensing plan and region preference.

The UiPath Privacy Principles for Sub-processors set out the general rules for processing of personal data in accordance with UiPath's instructions, transfers and security of personal data, as well as for cooperation between UiPath and sub-processors.

Security is very important to us. UiPath Security information is available for you to check at any time.

For more information about how UiPath handles and processes personal data, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

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