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Clipboard AI User Guide (Public Beta)
Last updated Feb 14, 2024


Important: UiPath Clipboard AI is currently in Public Beta.

UiPath Clipboard AI is a standalone application which helps in data entry, acting as an intelligent copy-paste assistant. By understanding the structures of your content, Clipboard AI transfers data between documents, spreadsheets, and applications, etc., and automatically inserts the data into the right places.

Clipboard AI is ready to go once you install it, empowering you to take advantage of automation without any coding or programming knowledge.

Clipboard AI allows you to copy and paste data between multiple formats.

The supported source documents are:

  • Web/desktop forms
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Semi-structured documents, such as invoices, receipts, utility bills, purchase orders, passports, ID cards, and any key-value documents
  • Plain text document, such as contracts, emails, Word documents, web pages etc.

The supported destination documents are:

  • Web/desktop forms
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Plain text destinations, such as Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, emails, etc.
  • PDF files

There are therefore various copy-paste scenarios between the available source documents and destination documents. For instance, you can input passport information into an online travel form or you can copy a Word document and paste it in an Excel spreadsheet.

In addition you can:

  • Apply transformations for currencies, units of measurement, EU/US date formats, language translation, and many more, all through natural language.
  • Ask Clipboard AI questions and have the response included in the output.
  • Extract tables from web pages, and structured data from lists, such as search results, lists of products from retailers, etc.
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