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Autopilot User Guide
Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Text to expressions

Expressions are a fundamental part of automating processes in Studio, Studio Web, and Apps. Using expressions in activities and Apps controls enables you to handle data, create conditions and decision-making logic, and interact with applications, all of which are essential for building effective workflows and application interfaces.

Writing complex expressions requires extensive knowledge of programming functions and syntax. Here's where Autopilot™'s generative capabilities come handy for developers who want to create automations with ease.

Instead of manually writing an expression in the Expression Editor, you can describe your desired action in natural language and Autopilot will generate a valid expression based on your request. You can then modify the proposed expression or accept it as is.

Autopilot continuously learns from the prompts you submit, allowing it to refine and improve its performance over time, and is capable of fixing expression errors.

To learn how Autopilot can simplify the automation development process, see
  • Configuring activities in the Studio Web guide.
  • Designing automations in the Studio guide.
  • Generating VB expressions using a text prompt in the Apps guide.

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