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Autopilot User Guide
Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Autopilot limitations

Keep in mind these limitations when using Autopilot™.

Autopilot for developers

  • Autopilot capabilities are only available if you sign in to Studio using a user account.
  • An Automation Cloud™ connection is required to access Autopilot capabilities.

Autopilot for testers

  • When you evaluate the quality of a requirement, ensure that its description and supporting documents do not exceed the following limits: 128,000 tokens, which is equivalent to approximately 96,000 words, or 512,000 characters.
  • When you evaluate the quality of a requirement Autopilot can generate a maximum number of 50 suggestions at a time. If a number of suggestions is not specified, then Autopilot generates the top 15 suggestions.
  • You can only upload the following file extensions, when using Autopilot for testers:
    • DOCX
    • XLSX
    • TXT
    • PNG
    • JPG
    • PDF
    • BPMN
  • Autopilot for developers
  • Autopilot for testers

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