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    • Autopilot for developers
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Autopilot User Guide
Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Autopilot for developers

Autopilot™ is designed to help developers create and test automations faster and easier. You can also use Autopilot to create application interfaces using everyday language, documents, or images.

Studio and Studio Web provide versatile tools for designing complex automations, but require technical skills to effectively use activities and manage exceptions. Designing a workflow also requires familiarity with programming concepts such as variables, data types, loops, and conditional statements. Autopilot integrates seamlessly into the workflow design experience, accelerating and streamlining the development process. This allows experienced developers to handle more strategic tasks while also lowering the entry barrier into developing automations for citizen developers.

In Apps, Autopilot helps you create application interfaces by expressing your design intentions textually or visually, providing .pdf files, a screenshot of a form, or just a textual description.

The powerful capabilities offered by Autopilot for developers include:

  • Creating workflows, coded workflows, and test cases using natural language instructions.
  • Generate coded workflows and test cases using custom prompts within the code editor.
  • Generating and fixing complex expressions using natural language.
  • Suggesting next steps in your automation by creating sequences of activities.
  • Summarizing the inner workings of an activity or a sequence.
  • Generating apps from Data Service entities, .pdf files, images, or text prompts.

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