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Autopilot User Guide
Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Test result analysis

AutopilotTM provides insights into failed test cases and recommendations for reducing the failure rate in your test portfolio in Test Manager. The main objective is to help you understand the primary reasons behind test case failures. In the report generated by Autopilot, the Common Errors section semantically groups similar error messages to highlight the most frequent issues. The Error Patterns section categorizes failed test cases into broader categories, identifying recurring themes and systemic problems.

This approach provides a clear understanding of the underlying issues in your test execution. The report not only pinpoints where failures are most common, but also helps plan improvements for future test executions. You can find actionable recommendations for enhancement in the Recommendations section, designed to guide your next steps in optimizing test execution stability.

To generate this report, select the desired test results, then select Generate Insights and wait for a notification indicating the completion of the process.

You can download the report generated by Autopilot for testers from the Insights tab within Test Results and rename the report, if needed. The analysis is downloaded as a DOCX file.

Visit AI-powered insights to check the specific information that the report offers.

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