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The UiPath Automation Suite Guide

Configuration checklist

In order to get Automation Suite ready for use, some preparation is required. This page outlines the steps you need to take to complete an initial configuration.

Host configuration

A system administrator must perform the following actions at a minimum to configure the host so that it is ready for use:

1Configure the email address for sending system notificationsConfiguring system email notifications
2Add other system administrators
If a different person should configure the Orchestrator host, they need a system administrator account.
Managing system administrators
3Activate your host license
You can also activate your license later, but note that some actions may not be available.
Online activation (you have internet access)
Offline activation (no internet access)
4Configure the Orchestrator host from the Orchestrator host portal Settings
Enable or disable tenant features
Configure external identity providers at host level
Registering clients to Identity Server
5Create organizations and assign system administrators for eachCreating organizations
6Allocate licenses from your host license pool to organizationsAllocating host licenses to organizations

Organization configuration

An organization administrator must perform the following actions at a minimum to configure each organization they manage so that it is ready for use:


The organization administrator must have an email address associated, otherwise a 400 error is returned when trying to configure individual products.

1Activate your organization-level license
If your organization is already licensed from the host level, skip this step.
Managing your organization license
2Add additional organization administrators, if needed1. Create a user account
2. Add the account to the group Administrators (default group)
3Configure your organization Choose the default language
Overriding system email notifications (optional)
Configure authentication settings
Choose the license management model for your organization
Register external applications
4Add tenants as needed1. Adding tenants
2. Enabling services
5Create groups for assigning roles and (if you enabled user license management) user licensesAdding groups
6Assign roles to groupsManaging service-level roles
7Create robot accounts for running unattended processes1. Adding robot accounts
2. Adding accounts to groups
8Allocate robot and service licenses to tenantsAllocating robot and service licenses
9If you enabled the user license management model, allocate user licenses to groups and user accountsAssigning user licenses
10Create user accounts for your employees and assign the appropriate user licenses and roles to each of them1. Adding user accounts
2. Adding accounts to groups
3. Manually assigning licenses
4. Manually assigning roles

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Configuration checklist

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