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Function: Filter



To better understand how the Filter function works, check out the Using Apps with Data Service pages in the How To section.

Use this function to filter a table based on its fields.

This function performs a case insensitive check.



Depending on your project's needs, you can choose to exclude certain conditions when using the Filter function. To exclude a condition, you can write an expression that resolves the filter field (first parameter of the condition array) to a null. For example, you can use the following:
Filter(Customer, [If(IsBlank(Dropdown.Value), null, City), "=", Dropdown.Value])
In this case, the filter on City is only applied when the Dropdown contains a value other than blank.

Filter(Entity, Condition)The function returns all records that result in true. These expressions can reference fields/columns by name.


EntityRequiredThe entity to search (for example, a control's data property).
ConditionRequiredThe condition used to lookup for in the entity.
The format for the Condition argument should be as follows:
[Entity Field, Operator, Value]
The following operators can be used:
not contains
not in


Filter(Customer, [City, "=", New York]): The loaded table only displays the information for customers from the city of New York

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Function: Filter

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