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Apps User Guide for Automation Suite
Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Using App Studio

UiPath Apps is available on your UiPath Cloud Portal. You can access your Apps homepage by selecting 'Apps' from the left-hand navigation bar.

If it's your first time visiting the homepage, you may not have any apps to run yet. If you're a returning user then you see apps that you've created, apps that other users have invited you to collaborate on, and apps that you can run.

Note: If you have feedback we'd love to hear it over on the UiPath Apps Forum.

Creating a New App

  1. Click on the Create new button on the App Studio homepage.
  2. Give the new app a name.
  3. Click the Create button.

Your new app comes with a Container Layout control on the first page by default to help you structure the layout of your app.

Adding Controls

  1. Click Add new control from the top of the Properties pane.
  2. Click the 'v' icon to expand each control section and locate the control you would like to add.
  3. Click and drag the control to the desired location on the canvas.

Adding Pages

  1. Click the '+' to the left of the canvas.
  2. Select Page.

The first page in this list is the first page to run when you launch your app. The ordering of subsequent pages doesn't have an impact on runtime, but you can re-arrange them to help keep your app organized. To set another page as the start page you can either:

  • Right Click > Set as Start Page
  • Or click and drag the page to reorder it.

Styling Your Controls

App Studio provides visual presets for many controls to help accelerate your app development, but you can always drill into specific styling properties to customize your app in any way you want.

To change the style of a control:

  1. Select the control on the canvas
  2. Select the Style tab in the properties panel
  3. Change individual styling properties to change the look and feel of your app

For more details about styling, see the Controls Overview

Adding a Process

To add a process that is already in Orchestrator:

  1. Click the + to the left of the canvas.
  2. Select Process.
  3. Choose an Orchestrator tenant that you have access to within your account.
  4. Select the folder where you published your process.
  5. Select the process(es) you want to include in your app.
  6. Click Select.

For more details, see adding a process to your app.

Data Binding

To bind your controls to process inputs or outputs, use their Value Binding field. For more details, see Binding Process Inputs/Outputs to Controls on the Apps Canvas

Events and Logic

Events and Rules control the end-user experience inside of your app. The events available for a control are determined by that control's type. For example, Pages have a 'Loaded' event, while a textbox has a 'Value Changed' event.

To customize interactions within your app:

  1. Select the control that you would like to add an event to.
  2. Click the Events tab on the properties pane.
  3. Choose an event you'd like to customize and click Create Rule.
  4. Start typing or select a rule from the available list.

For more, see Events and Rules.

Preview and Publish

You can preview your app at any time during development by clicking the 'Preview' button in the header. Check out the rest of the documentation to learn more about Preview and Publishing.

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