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AI Center Installation Guide
Last updated Mar 11, 2024

Supported Use Cases for Single-node and Multi-node Installations

UiPath AI Center™ supports two deployment modes, each targeted at specific use cases, as explained in the following table:

Deployment modeDescription
Single-node — evaluation Supported only for evaluation and demo scenarios.
Multi-node — production, HA-enabled The only configuration supported for production deployments.

You can perform additional configuration post-deployment to have full HA capabilities.

Context and Considerations

AI Center standalone uses a cloud native architecture based on Kubernetes. It provides all the benefits in scale, automatic resource management, and reliability that come with Kubernetes.

To offer these benefits, the Kubernetes design is based on the following fundamental aspects:

  • Running on an uneven number of multiple machines (3, 5, 7, etc.);
  • Using the quorum principle to handle independent node failures and data corruption. For a cluster of N machines, as long as there is still a number of N/2 + 1 machines that have quorum, the cluster is functional and can recover gracefully with no observed failures.

Single-node Installations

By definition, single-node deployments do not benefit from the previously described characteristics and are not supported for production deployments. Failures and data loss can and will occur.

However, since support for single-node deployments is valuable for evaluation and demo scenarios, UiPath offers this deployment option applicable to some specific use cases.

Multi-node Installations

Multi-node installations are the only configuration supported for production deployments, with all the previously mentioned benefits.

  • Context and Considerations
  • Single-node Installations
  • Multi-node Installations

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