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Last updated May 29, 2024

Invoking a Python Script

To exemplify how to use this activity package, we have built an automation process to invoke a Python script which defines two operations, Add and Subtract. One of the methods, Add, is then called from the script and given a list of integer variables as input parameters. The result, stored in a proprietary PythonObject variable, is then converted into a .NET datatype to be further used in Studio.
Note: The Python version you want to use has to be installed on the machine you want to run the process on.

This is how the demo can be built:

  1. Open Studio and start a new Process.
  2. Drag a Python Scope activity to the Workflow Designer.
  3. Specify the installation directory of Python in the Path property of the Python Scope activity. By default, the location is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Python\PythonXX\python.exe, where XX is the Python version you are using.
  4. Drag a Load Python Script activity in the Do section of the Python Scope and add the file path to the Python script in the File property.
  5. Create a new PythonObject variable, called MathFunctions and add it into the Result property field.
  6. Add an Invoke Python Method activity and configure its properties as follows:

    • Input Parameters - {2,3}
    • Instance - Add the variable created at step 5, MathFunctions, to this field.
    • Name - Add the name of the method inside the script you want to use, in this case add.
    • Result - Create a new PythonObject variable, called SumResultPython, and add it to this property field.
  7. Next, drag a Get Python Object activity to the workflow. Configure its properties as follows:

    • Python Object - Add the SumResultPython variable to this field.
    • TypeArgument - Select Int32 from the drop-down list.
    • Result - Create a new Int32 variable, called Result and add it to this field.
  8. Add a Message Box activity at the end of the project and configure it to display the Result variable.

    Your project should look like this:

  9. Run the process. The Message Box displays the result of the Add method.

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