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Last updated May 29, 2024

About the Database activity package

Note: The Database activity package has been made open-source. Feel free to collaborate on our Github repositories.
The Database activity package enables the user to connect to a database and perform an entire palette of actions within it, such as executing transactions or queries and non queries. It can be used to connect to a large selection of databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and others, either directly or via ODBC / OLE DB.
Note: The OLE DB connectivity method is not supported on Linux machines.

The Start Transaction activity is a container designed to enable the user to connect to a database, perform multiple actions and then disconnect.

The Connect and Disconnect activities can also be used to connect to a database and consequently disconnect, performing any desired actions with individual connections.

The connection process works based on the usage of a DatabaseConnection variable. It is unique for each database you connect to and, once obtained, it can be subsequently used throughout your automation project for connecting to the said database.
Note: Windows projects require having the 64-bit driver installed on the machine to establish a database connection.

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