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Uploading Your Custom Activity to the Community Repository

There are currently two methods of uploading your content to the Community Repository:

Publishing your package to UiPath Gallery:

  1. Navigate to the UiPath Gallery.
  2. Log in with your forum account.
  3. Click the Upload button at the top of the page. The Upload Your Package page is displayed.
  4. Click Browse and select the .nupkg file that represents your custom activity.
  5. Select the fields in the Verify section so they reflect the activity.
  6. Optionally, include documentation for your activity, as a URL, or a file.
  7. Optionally, select the List package in search results option to make the activity easier to identify, or disable it if you're shy and are not ready to share it with the world.
  8. Press the Submit button. The package is now uploaded to the Community Repository and can be downloaded in Studio through the Package Manager if you set it up.

To have access to the Community activities in the Manage Packages window in Studio, you need to connect to the feed. Use the URL as a source and find out more details here about Managing Activities Packages.

Recommended Package Naming Rules

Below are a few tips on how to make it easier to identify activities based on their type and where they are best used:

  • Use the format Company/User.Good_Package_Name.Activities when naming your activity.
  • Customized prefixes can be used by verified users.
  • Activities with custom prefixes can only be uploaded by individuals belonging to that activity's development team.
  • Packages created by the UiPath development team are prefixed with UiPath.
  • Packages created by UiPath employees are prefixed with UiPathTeam and are most of the time open source.

Contributing to the UiPath Activities GitHub Repository:

Apart from the default activities offered by UiPath, you have the opportunity to contribute to the Community Repository with your own custom activities.

  1. Access the UiPath Community Activities repository on GitHub.
  2. Fork the Community.Activities GitHub project.
  3. Update the project accordingly to include your custom activity. You can read more about properly packing and testing your project here.
  4. Create a new pull request. Be sure to include clear descriptions, dependencies, author, license information, project URL, and tags for your activity package. You can learn more about how to contribute to someone's repository on this page.
  5. The package undergoes review from the repository owners once it is uploaded to GitHub.
  6. Once your custom activity is approved by the repository owners it becomes available in the Community feed and can be installed in UiPath Studio.

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Uploading Your Custom Activity to the Community Repository

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