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Troubleshooting Permissions Issues


A user opens up Insert ServiceNow Record, Update ServiceNow Record, Get ServiceNow Record, or Insert ServiceNow Record and while they can choose an object, the property list is blank.


Below is the list of API calls the activity pack makes:



dropdown items


get all columns in incident table


gets sample value of one incident



Design Time vs. Run Time

The first two permissions are required only for RPA developers working with the design-time experience. The accounts used by robots to run the process do not need them.

Detailed Explanation

As an example /api/now/table/incident?sysparm_action=getRecords&sysparm_limit=1 is the API we call for the incident table. You will want to check with your ServiceNow system administrator that you have the correct permission/access to retrieve data from the table.

Your ServiceNow administrator should also be able to check the underlying/more granular permissions; these may be different but the overall idea is the same.  

As for configuring roles this can vary, i.e. ServiceNow administrators may opt to adjust the default role settings. For example if we want to read meta data on the Incident table we'll need access to both the sys_db_object and the Incident table.

Each table contains Access Controls and each access control contains Roles. These roles need to be configured for the user to read from both the tables.

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Troubleshooting Permissions Issues

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